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 What is a Certificate of Eligibility (COE)?

VA certificate of eligibility - VA COE

Certificates of Eligibility (COEs) are documents produced by the
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to inform your VA loan lender that
you meet the VA’s eligibility requirements for VA loans. As well as
providing your lender with information about your entitlement and fees,
it also confirms your eligibility. As an entitlement, the VA guarantees a
certain amount of your loan.

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VA certificate of eligibility

Make sure to check the VA’s official website for complete eligibility details. Start by determining whether you meet one or more of these general guidelines:

  • Veterans who joined the military after August 2, 1990, are eligible if they served continuously for 24 months.
  • Active duty service members who have served 90 days continuously are eligible for this benefit.
  • After 90 days of continuous service, National Guardsmen and Reservists become eligible for the Reserves.

VA certificate of eligibility form

Apply for a VA loan Certificate of Eligibility (COE) using VA Form 26-1880. Obtaining the Certificate of Eligibility from your lender will show that you qualify for a VA home loan.

Rather than filling out a paper form and sending it to us, you can submit your request online.

What is a VA COE status

Once you are signed in, you will have to follow the below mentioned three steps to check the VA COE status:

Navigate to your “My VA” dashboard.

This dashboard can be accessed in the top right corner of the page once you’re logged in.

You can track your claims by scrolling down.

You can find there a summary of your claims and appeals, as well as the latest status information.

For a specific claim, click the “View Status” button.

You’ll be directed to a page with more information about the claim’s status and supporting evidence. Documents like a doctor’s report or results of a medical test are examples of evidence. There are differnet regulations for every state so please see VA loan Georgia to see more info on GA .

Where do I get a VA certificate of eligibility letter?

To get the VA certificate of eligibility letter, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • You can ask your lender. Going directly to your lender is the simplest and most effective way to get a Certificate of Eligibility. VA-approved lenders like Veterans United can tap into a VA database to obtain your Certificate of Eligibility within seconds.
  • Online applications are available. Log in to eBenefits or create a new account to access eBenefits.
  • Send your application by mail. You can print this form, fill it out, and mail it to the address on the form.

Is COE the same as DD214?

No, COE and DD214 are not the same. Well, COE is the next step after DD214. Following the submission of the DD214, you’ll need to obtain your Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Upon receiving the COE, the lender verifies that you are eligible for a VA-backed loan. The nature of eligibility determines the type of evidence required for a COE.

How long is a COE from the VA good for?

Your COE can be obtained in three ways.

  • The VA eBenefits Portal can be accessed online
  • US mail to Atlanta Regional Loan Center
  • Through your VA-approved lender, access the VA Online Portal

In order to qualify for a VA loan, the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is necessary. Many of the methods above can be completed within minutes! You will not lose your COE unless you applied for it while on active duty. You will need a new COE after being discharged if your COE was issued while you were on active duty. Surviving spouses may only choose option 2.

How do I get a copy of my VA COE?

Copies of your COE can be obtained by: 

    • Visit the GI Bill website
    •  Choose “Submit a Question”
    • Create an account if you already have one
    • If not, you must use the “Sign up” link to create an account
    • You can ask a question by selecting the “Ask a Question” tab after logging in.
    • Please write “GI Bill Certificate of Eligibility” as the subject line.
    • If you have a question, you can say something like “I would like a duplicate copy of my GI Bill Certificate of Eligibility sent to me.”.
    • The product is “GI Bill
    • The category is the benefit you are eligible for
    • Choose eligibility under the benefit you are eligible for
    • Requests should be submitted.
    • You will receive a duplicate Certificate of Eligibility.

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