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What Is The Interest Rate On A VA Loan?

What are the interest rates on a VA loans?

Here are the interest rates for VA loans as of June 2022:


Interest Rate


30-Year Fixed-Rate VA



30-Year Fixed-Rate



30-Year Fixed-Rate FHA



30-Year Fixed-Rate Jumbo



Note: Rates are subject to changes daily.


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Do VA Loan Interest Rates Change?

Yes, VA Loan Interest rates change with all fluctuation of national rates set by the Federal Reserve. We did a national survey of mortgage lenders to help you find the most competitive VA loan rates. Above chart interest rate table is updated to give you the most current information when choosing a VA mortgage home loan.

Which Lenders Have The Best VA Loan Rates?

Mortgage Rates Today have the best VA Loan Rates. We pride ourselves in putting out customers needs first and want to get our Veterans and service members the best interest rates possible. In general, your credit history and your credit score are the biggest contributors to the best VA Loan Interest Rates.

Are VA Loan Interest Rate Affected By Credit Scores?

Yes, your credit score will determine your interest rate for any loan. Even though the VA doesn’t specify a minimum credit score for VA loans, many lenders won’t accept scores below 620. When applying for a VA home loan, the most important factor is how you’ve handled your rent or mortgage payments in the past.

Lenders that are VA-approved will look at your payment history overall, with a little extra wiggle room for past credit problems. Nevertheless, as with any mortgage loan, the better your credit score, the lower your interest rate offers will be.

What Is A Good VA Loan Rate?

A good VA loan rate for a 15-year fixed loan rate might be in the high-2% or low-3% range, while a good rate on a 30-year fixed loan might be in the 3–3.5% range or higher as of Feb 2022. At this point, you’d have to be very lucky to find a 30–year fixed rate below 3% (and a very strong borrower).

As we explain below, these numbers vary greatly from one borrower to the next.

While top-tier borrowers could see rates in the high-2% range, borrowers with lower credit scores could see rates in the high-3% to 4% range.

Do VA Loans Have Fixed Interest Rates?

Yes VA loans can have a fixed rate. Veterans are also eligible for VA loans that look like conventional loans, that can have fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgages. You must familiarize yourself with the types of loans available before talking with a VA-approved lender about financing your home with a VA loan.

Do VA Loans Have Lower interest rates? 

On average, VA loans have the lowest rates of any major loan program. Exactly how low are these rates? As of today, 30–year fixed VA loan interest rates start at 3.25% (3.431% APR), according to our lender network. For a conventional loan, that would be 3.625% (3.634% APR).

Are VA Home Loans Interest Free?

No VA loans are not interest free, the average around 05-1% lower than conventional interest rates. However, a charge for the VA guarantee. The borrower pays an upfront funding fee, which they typically choose to add to the loan amount.

What Is The Average VA Loan Interest Rate?

The average VA loan interest rate for 30-year VA loans are expected to be 3.590% on Friday, February 11, 2022. In a recent survey of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders, Bankrate posts that the average 30-year VA refinance APR is 3.600%.

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