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Acceleration clause

what is an acceleration clause mortgage rates today

Acceleration Clause Explained The activation of an acceleration provision in a mortgage contract may serve as a forerunner to a foreclosure action, in which a lender may legally compel the sale of the property obtained with the mortgage loan. The lender may seize the proceeds from any later sale of the property to recoup any […]

Adjustable rate mortgage

What is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) explained Borrowers who are willing to accept the risk of interest rate increases can usually cut their initial payments with an ARM. There is evidence that customers choose contracts with the lowest starting rates, such as in the United Kingdom, where customers are more concerned with monthly mortgage expenses. Consumer decisions […]


What are Amenities

What are Amenities? An amenity is something that is believed to enhance an area, contribute to its enjoyment, and so raise its value in property and land use planning. The number and type of guest rooms, as well as the availability of amenities such as elevators, Wi-Fi, restaurants, parks, Community centers, swimming pools, golf courses, […]


What is Amortization

Amortization explained Amortization is a strategy used in accounting to reduce the book value of a loan or intangible asset over a predetermined period of time. When it comes to a loan, amortization refers to the process of spreading out payments over time. Amortization is similar to depreciation when applied to an asset. Amortization process […]

Annual percentage rate

Annual Percentage Rate APR

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) explained It is a finance charge expressed as an annual rate. The term annual percentage rate of charge (APR), corresponding sometimes to a nominal APR and sometimes to an effective APR (EAPR), is the interest rate for a whole year (annualized), rather than just a monthly fee/rate, as applied on a […]


What is an Appraisal?

What is an Appraisal? The process of determining a property’s value is known as appraisal, or real estate appraisal. Due to the rarity of real estate transactions and the uniqueness of each property, unlike corporate stocks, which are traded on a regular basis and are all the same, assessments are frequently required. Mortgage loans are […]


What is Appreciation

What is Appreciation? Appreciation is an increase in the price or value of assets. It may refer to appreciation of company stocks or bonds held by an investor, an increase in land valuation, or other upward revaluation of fixed assets. Time appreciation occurs Without the investor’s, appreciation might happen in a passive and progressive manner. […]


What is an Assessment

What is an Assessment?   When the value of an asset must be determined for taxation purposes, an assessment occurs. Certain types of property, such as commercial properties, are assessed on an annual basis. Home values are frequently assessed each year, however certain taxing authorities may only do so every five years. Houses are evaluated […]

Assumption clause

What is an Assumption Clause?

What is an Assumption Clause? An assumption clause in a mortgage contract allows the seller of a home to transfer liability for the current mortgage to the property’s buyer. In other words, the new homeowner takes over the old mortgage and, with it, the property that serves as collateral for the loan. The buyer must […]

Attorney fee

Attorneys Fee Definition

What are Attorney fees? Attorney’s fee is a word used mostly in the United States to describe the remuneration paid to an attorney for legal services rendered to a client, whether in or out of court. The charge might be hourly, flat-rate, or dependent. According to recent research, when attorneys charge a flat fee rather […]

Balance sheet

Balance Sheet Definition

Balance sheet explained A balance sheet is a financial statement that shows the assets, liabilities, and shareholder equity of a corporation at a certain point in time. Balance sheets serve as the foundation for calculating investor returns and assessing a company’s financial structure. In a nutshell, a balance sheet is a financial statement that shows […]

Balloon mortgage

what is a balloon mortgage

What is a Balloon Mortgage? A Balloon mortgage is a real estate loan with a low or no monthly payment term that ends with the borrower having to pay off the entire total in one lump sum. The interest rate given is frequently low, and the monthly payments, if any, may be interest only. Balloon […]